Retirement and after

Since retiring from full-time teaching, Peter has worked in a range of schools in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells on short- and medium-term contracts delivering to Advanced Level subjects as variable as English Language and Literature, Law, Philosophy, History, Media, Film Studies and Classical Civilisation.  While continuing to deliver one book a year, he has also been preparing a series of spy-thrillers set in Ancient Rome.  The freedom granted by partial retirement has allowed him to pursue his research as far afield as the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt (the setting for Blind Reef, the most recent Richard Mariner adventure). It has also allowed him to rejoin the Society of Authors, the CWA, the ITW and the HWA.  He has also joined the Lanyon Society donating to support his Alma Mater as well as becoming a Benefactor of Trinity College, Oxford, where Guy studied for his BA (Hons) in English, and, through Kickstarter, helping fund projects run by the Media Department of the New University of Buckingham from which Mark more recently graduated with an honours degree in Film and Television Production majoring in Screenwriting.  Furthermore, it has allowed him to indulge his wider interests and passions including Travel, Gourmet Cooking, Film and Theatre.  It also allows him time to work on his (as yet unassigned) PhD thesis Words into Gold, on the Theory of Narrative.